Worldwide dishes

The moroccan cuisine is renowned as one of the best in the world.

Like the country, the moroccan specialities are from a great diversity and find their origin in the arab wolrd, in the berber culture, the Mediterranean area and of course Africa…

The tagine

The tagine, moroccan iconic dish, means « earth dish ». It has been created by the Berbers and wonderfully represents what is the moroccan hospitality. After being removed from the fire, all the guests gather around the tagine to taste it…

Dishes with thousand flavors

Riad Ain Khadra propose you to taste a few of these moroccan specialities, prepared by our berber cook in the riad itself and with local fresh products. The traditionnal tagine, couscous and pastillas will be served in a unique blend of flavors and aromas….

In order to serve you the best possible meals, we request you to book by phone.